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Petchem Industry Key in Realization of Domestic Manufacturing

TEHRAN (NIPNA) – A member of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce said that the petrochemical industry was the pillar of realizing support for domestic manufacturing.
Speaking to NIPNA, Mehdi Masoumi Esfahani said: “The petrochemical industry is the generative engine of the country and is touted as one of the main pillars of supporting local manufacturing.”
Noting that the industry has a special position in export and generation of value added, he said today the petrochemical industry, as a valuable and dynamic industry, has become the country's non-oil export center. And the support for this industry should be considered because of its value added generation and high employment.
The member of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce stated: “The petrochemical industry has created a good opportunity for the economy of the country, which should be used in the best possible way, because the production capacity of this sector is very large and, fortunately, it is well on its way to development.”
He further added that the petrochemical industry is a productive industry for the country and is recognized as one of the main pillars of support for domestic production.
Masoumi Esfahani continued: “Support for petrochemical companies during the US boycott on Iran will lead to more exports.”
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