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Iranian Petrochemical Companies Join Campaign Against Coronavirus

Petrochemical Companies Join Campaign Against

One of the important measures taken by petrochemical companies in the past several days to help fight the rapidly spreading coronavirus in Iran has been to increase production of javel water and antiseptic solutions, managing director of Petrochemical Special Economic Zone Organization said.
 “Over 1,000 tons of javel water was produced by Karoun Petrochemical Company in Mahshahr, Khuzestan Province,” Omid Shahidinia was quoted as saying by NIPNA, the official portal of the National Petrochemical Company.
Javel water, also known as liquid bleach or just bleach, is an aqueous solution containing sodium hypochlorite and some sodium chloride.
It is effective in disinfecting viruses, bacteria, fungi and germs and is also used to whiten clothes and remove stains.
The Petrochemical Research and Technology Company, a subsidiary of the National Petrochemical Company, is also producing medical alcohol and antiseptic solutions.
 “Its products are supplied to health centers on a daily basis,” he added.
Antiseptics and germicides are chemical agents that destroy microorganisms that cause disease. Topical antiseptics are applied to the skin, nails or mucus membranes to cleanse wounds and prevent infection.
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