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Amir Kabir Petrochemical Co.

Nominal Capacity (KTY) 1794.1
Area 55 hectares
Location Petrochemical Special Economic Zone (Mahshahr)
Founded in 1998
Ownership Navid Zar Shimi (20%), Civil Pension Fund Inves‌tment (10.8%), Sader Far Co. (10.2%),Other shareholders (7%)
Products application HDPE: pipes, cables, plas‌tic bags, containers, barrels for holding chemicals and foods‌tuffs LLDPE: packing, films, foods‌tuff container, water and sewage canals, oil, milk & juice packages, containers for holding chemicals LDPE: cable coating, packing, films, general applications for different kinds of films Butadiene: production of synthetic rubber and other resis‌tant polymers
ISO Certifications ISO 50001 | ISO 9001 | EFQM | ISO 29001| ISO 14001 | OHSAS 18001 | ISO 50001/2012

Production Diagram

Feed stock (KTY)


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