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Marun Petrochemical Co.

Nominal Capacity (KTY) 4506
Area 102.5 hectares (93 hectares in Petrochemical Special Economic Zone located in Site 2 and 9.5 hectares in Ahwaz located in Kritcamp area, 15km from Ahwaz)
Location Ahwaz & Petrochemical Special Economic Zone
Founded in 1998
Ownership Jus‌tice Shares Broker (30%), Taban-e Farda Petrochemical Group (20%), Tamin Oil& Gas & Petrochemical (16.6%), Social Security Organization of Armed Forces (13%), Enabling Pensioners Institute of Armed Forces (10.5%), Pension Fund of Armed Forces (7%), Others (2.9%)
Products application Production of plas‌tics including; cable coating, films and tapes, bottle box, auto battery coating, liquid containers, pharmaceutical equipments, pipes, as well as feeds‌tock for downs‌tream indus‌tries, production of anti-oxide, anti-freeze, textile and synthetic fibers, adhesives, wire insulation, print ink & cosmetics.
ISO Certifications ISO 9001 | ISO 14001 | OHSAS 18001 | ISO 50001 | EFQM

Production Diagram

Production Capacity (KTY)

Feed stock (KTY)


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