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14th Iran Petrochemical Forum kicks off in Tehran

SHANA (Tehran) – The 14th Iran Petrochemical Forum (IPF) kicked off at IRIB International Conference Center (IICC) here on Monday.

Focusing on value chain and new opportunities, the two-day forum will revolve around eight topics, said National Petrochemical Company (NPC) Managing Director Morteza Shahmirzaei on Sunday.

The forum’s subjects are “Feedstock, products and supply chain”; “Solutions and advanced optimization technologies”; “Integration and coordination between petrochemical and refining complexes”; “Production process and market”; “Methanol market and its roles”; “Global energy crisis and future of petrochemical industry”; “Investment and financial supply opportunities”; and “Energy optimization and production without pollution”, he mentioned.

The NPC chief also said workshops will be held to discuss “compounding and value chain”, “applied project models in petrochemical industry”, “petrochemical projects in Iran: challenges and opportunities”, and “carbon management strategy for petrochemical industry”.

The participants in the 14th edition of IPF, the NPC head continued, will also exchange views on “petrochemical hubs and parks”, “development projects and investment in these projects” and “exploiting modern technologies”.

Experts and industrialists from more than 15 countries have participated in the forum.

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