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Growing Demand for Fresh Investments in Mahshahr

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- Iran's petrochemical special economic zone said it has received requests from several foreign investment companies to participate in the development plan of phase two of Mahshahr zone.

Payam Barzegar, the managing director of the petrochemical special economic zone, said: "The requests for foreign investments in the zone have increased and the official applications of some companies are under review."

He said that all investment requests in the second phase of Mahshahr petrochemical zone development will be evaluated according to the conditions and infrastructure required for the construction of new units, adding: "Our strategy in Mahshahr zone is to complete the value chain and reduce raw material sales and in this path, we are ready for any cooperation and support for domestic and foreign investors by providing infrastructure."

The managing director of the petrochemical special economic zone said that the improvement of civil and operational infrastructure in the zone is underway, adding: "Increasing investment and creating sustainable employment and also increasing the presence of knowledge-based companies are being done with the cooperation of petrochemical companies in the zone."

He emphasized the cooperation with knowledge-based companies and startups and said: "The executive operations of Shahid Shahriari innovation factory with the aim of creating innovation space and increasing employment with the presence of knowledge-based companies and startups will start soon. This factory will be available to these companies in two phases, each in a 6,000-square-meter hall."

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