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Iran Plast Exhibition Offers Opportunities for Communication: Official

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The CEO of the Petrochemical Special Economic Zone Organization stated that the Iran Plast Exhibition provides a platform for strengthening domestic and international communication and facilitates collaboration with foreign companies.

Payam Barzegar, on the sidelines of the 17th International Iran Plast Exhibition, emphasized the importance of exhibitions like Iran Plast in showcasing the progress and achievements of the petrochemical industry. He highlighted that Iran Plast, as a prominent exhibition, is specifically dedicated to the petrochemical sector.

Barzegar pointed out the National Petrochemical Company's focus on completing the value chain, stating that this approach not only prevents the raw material export but also generates added value and creates job opportunities.

The CEO of the Petrochemical Special Economic Zone Organization continued by underlining that exhibitions like Iran Plast serve more than just showcasing; they create extensive connections between government-owned, private companies, domestic suppliers, and foreign participants, which are highly valuable.

Barzegar further explained that specialized exhibitions create a structure where interactions in the petrochemical sector can transition from the national level to the regional and international levels, promoting growth and cooperation.

Regarding the effective participation of the Petrochemical Special Economic Zone Organization in line with its objectives at this exhibition, he noted that seven memorandums of understanding have been signed with various companies in various fields.

He concluded by highlighting that exhibitions like Iran Plast provide an opportunity to address the challenges faced by investors in accelerating project implementation and introduce investment opportunities in the region.

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