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NPC: Priority is Meeting Domestic Needs Before Exports

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- Abbas Gholami, the Development Manager of Downstream Industries at the National Petrochemical Company (NPC), emphasized today that the priority in the petrochemical industry is to meet domestic needs before considering exports.

Speaking during the inaugural session of the Scientific-Industrial Policy-Making Council (CDIE), Gholami highlighted the commitment of NPC to support and promote production in downstream industries.

He stated, "The procurement of raw materials by petrochemical complexes is ongoing according to the plans, and it is hoped that with the efforts of all stakeholders, we will move towards producing final products and reducing raw material sales."

Gholami reiterated, "Our goal and strategy are to achieve production growth using all available capacities in the country. The priority in the petrochemical industry is to meet the needs of domestic industries before considering exports."

Regarding the credit offering by petrochemical complexes, Gholami noted its significant achievements, stating that companies can now easily procure the required raw materials.

He added, "Petrochemical products used by active producers in downstream industries are made available to applicants based on existing regulations."

The Development Manager of Downstream Industries at NPC emphasized, "The credit offering of petrochemical products in the stock market serves as a solution to the liquidity challenges faced by complementary industries in purchasing raw materials, which has fortunately led to sustainable production."

Referring to the upcoming Scientific-Industrial Event in the field of cleaning products (CDIE) scheduled for May 2024, Gholami expressed the company's support for such important initiatives.

He expressed hope that the event would contribute to achieving the set goals.

NPC remains dedicated to supporting domestic industries and ensuring their sustainability, reflecting its commitment to the country's economic growth and self-sufficiency in the petrochemical sector.

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